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2014/2015 Season  

| The Loud & Queer Cabaret | Maggie Now: Cycle of Plays | The Christmas Carol Project
Bears | Expanse Festival | Christina / Philippe | The Ugly One


An Alberta Opera production


October 24–26, 2014

WESTBURY THEATRE | ATB Financial Arts Barns

Adapted by: Jeff Unger, Farren Timoteo
Music by: Jeff Unger
Directed by: Farren Timoteo

Things are not always what they seem in this thrilling new musical adventure!

The Miller family lives an ideal life complete with a beautiful house, a white picket fence, and an adorable newborn baby.

But when they’re thrown into an impossible situation that threatens to change their lives forever, a mysterious figure emerges and presents them with the opportunity to turn their fortune around. Is this mystery man the solution to their problem, or will he just make matters worse?

Don’t miss Alberta Opera’s exciting and original take on the classic tale, Rumpelstiltskin, to find out!

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Rating: Suitable for children 5 years of age and older. | Run Time: 60 minutes

Arts at the Barns Event Series  Event Series

The Loud & Queer CabaretA Guys in Disguise & Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre production of

The Loud & Queer Cabaret

November 7 & 8, 2014

WESTBURY THEATRE | ATB Financial Arts Barns

The Loud & Queer Cabaret is the longest-running Queer writers’ showcase of its kind in Western Canada.

Paving the way for dozens of Canadian and International queer playwrights and performers and spawning many a hit show, the L&Q Cabaret has been a vibrant part of Edmonton’s theatre scene and a driving force behind the cultural growth of Canada’s LGBTQ arts movement.

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The Prosperous Paddies, in association with Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre & Theatre Prospero present

Maggie Now: Cycle of Plays

Maggie-Now Part One: Patrick Dennis Moore
Maggie-Now Part Two: The Book of Everything
Maggie-Now Part Three: I’ll Bury Youse All!

Based on the beloved novel by Betty Smith
Adapted for the Stage and Directed by Jennifer Spencer

November 14–22, 2014

WESTBURY THEATRE | ATB Financial Arts Barns

The Maggie-Now Complete Cycle of All Three Plays, Based on the Beloved Book by Betty Smith

The Maggie-Now Cycle of Plays is a big, bold, bittersweet tale of life, disappointment, love and redemption in a Brooklyn Irish immigrant’s family. Kendra Connor, Julie Golosky, Mark Henderson, Elliott James, Will Laird, Jenny McKillop, Roxie Michelle, Tony Munch, Luc Tellier and Vanessa Wilson incarnate 72 strange and loveable characters full of gentle power, humour, tenderness, on an epic journey from 1890s Ireland to 1930s Brooklyn.

Rating: Suitable for children 10 years of age and older. | Run Time: 2 hours [including 15-min. intermission]

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Fri., Nov. 14, 2014 7:30 PM – Part One  | Sorry, sold out
Sat., Nov. 15 7:30 PM – Part Two   | Sorry, sold out
Workshop West Playwright’s Theatre presents “Where Are You From?”
| Talkback directly after the show
Since the collapse of the Celtic Tiger, Ireland is seeing another generation of immigration change the country and its culture. Maggie-Now deals directly with the themes of immigration. On November 15th, stay after our show to listen to people in Edmonton who deal directly with those immigrating here. At this time in our world’s history, what are the factors that push (or pull) people to immigrate? What challenges and opportunities do people emigrating to Edmonton face?
–Moderated by Vern Thiessen
Sun., Nov. 16 2 PM – Part Three
Wed., Nov. 19

7:30 PM – Part One
Workshop West Playwright’s Theatre presents “Great Craic!” | Craic directly after the show
Come see Maggie-Now on November 19th, bring your fiddle, and stay for an good old Irish Craic! Maggie-Now tells the story of an Irish family immigrating to America that spans three generations. Patrick Dennis Moore leaves the rolling hills of County Kilkenny, leaving behind the only woman he will ever love, to begin a new fresh life in Brooklyn, New York.

Co-sponsored with the Irish Club of Edmonton, we’ll put the kettle on for a cuppa (Barry’s Tea will be present), have some sweets, or a pint if that suits your fancy! (Although we’ll keep in kid-friendly!) Bring your traditional Celtic instrument! We’ll also hold an open session after the show!

Thu., Nov. 20 7:30 PM – Part Two
Fri., Nov. 21 7:30 PM – Part Three
Sat., Nov. 22

See all 3 Parts!

12 PM to 2 PM – Part One
3:30 to 5:30 PM – Part Two
7:30 to 9:30 PM – Part Three
Prosperous Paddies presents Marathon Day Boxed Lunch Social | Between Parts Two and Three
Maggie-Now served Claude a special home cooked Easter Dinner of mutton, new baby potatoes, salad and fresh bread with hot coffee for dessert.

See all three parts of Maggie-Now and enjoy a box social inspired by this heritage meal served by Maggie-Now. Black Rabbit Catering we will serve potato salad, fresh rolls and lamb with hot coffee and tea. (Suggested donation: $10.)

A Brass Monkey Productions production

The Christmas Carol Project

December 19 & 20, 2014

WESTBURY THEATRE | ATB Financial Arts Barns

The Christmas Carol Project is a musical interpretation of Dickens’ classic tale and features original songs written from the perspectives of the various characters. The cast includes Bill Bourne, Al Brant, Dave Clarke, Kevin Cook, Maria Dunn, Bill Hobson, Dale Ladouceur, Terry Morrison and Tom Roschkov.

Run Time: 150 minutes [including 20-min intermission]


The Christmas Carol Project

BearsPyretic Productions , in association with Alberta Aboriginal Arts and the Rubaboo Festival presents


February 5–15, 2015

PCL STUDIO THEATRE | ATB Financial Arts Barns

Written by Matthew MacKenzie
Starring Sheldon Elter
Featuring Bryce Kulak; Alida Nyquist-Schultz; Krista Posyniak; Kate Stashko; Anastasia Maywood; Aimee Rushton; Lianna Makuch
Movement Designer Ainsley Hillyard
Environmental Designer T. Erin Gruber
Composer and Lyricist Bryce Kulak
Electronic Sound Designer Dean Musani AKA DJ Phatcat
Stage Manager Rachel Dawn-Woods
Consulting Director Patrick Lundeen
Costume Designer Sydney Gross

If there’s one thing Floyd loves, it’s bears. Maybe he’ll take in an orphaned cub, maybe he’ll hunt poachers, maybe he’ll make art installations out of their shellacked droppings — it doesn’t matter really, so long as it involves bears.

But as the prime suspect in a workplace accident, Floyd has to get out of town fast. Pursued relentlessly by the RCMP, he heads through the Rockies for Kitimat, B.C. By the time he reaches the Great Bear Rainforest, Floyd has experienced changes — his gait widening, his muscles bulging, his sense of smell heightening…

A multi-disciplinary comedy about the Northern Gateway Pipeline, Bears asks what the hell we think we’re doing here in Wild Rose Country.

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Rating: Suitable for ages 15 years of age and older. | Run Time: 75 minutes

An Azimuth Theatre production

Expanse Festival

March 11–15, 2015

PCL & WESTBURY THEATRES | ATB Financial Arts Barns

An electric four-day celebration of art-in-motion, The Expanse Festival will move you with the power of high velocity body-made art. Blending local and national talent, Expanse celebrates ten years of explosive, experimental art on the move.

Rating: General Audiences

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_HYPER | Native Girl Syndrome | The Contract | The Matryoshka Series / La Chute | Alberta Grown

Expanse Festival Workshops

This year’s talented festival artists shared their ideas, techniques and practices through the Workshop Series curated by Good Women Dance Collective.

Doing, Seeing and Being | Vogue Femme | Workshop for Performers | Repertoire Fundamentals | Media & Performance

Christina / PhilippeA Northern Light Theatre production

Christina / Philippe

April 30–May 9, 2015

WESTBURY THEATRE | ATB Financial Arts Barns

“We both know that I want to be a man and you want to be a woman; it doesn’t necessarily mean that I want to play head games.” –Christina

Queen Christina of Sweden, who dressed and lived as a man, and Philippe, the Duc D’Orleans and brother to King Louis XIV, who dressed as a woman, are locked in a battle of wits and wills. Christina / Philippe by Per Brask is a sensory event made up of a mixture of music, live singing, and verbatim interviews culminating to answer the ultimate question, “Do you dare to be who you really are?”

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Rating: All Ages; Parental Discretion Advised | Run Time: 75 minutes

The Ugly OneA Kill Your Television production


May 13–23, 2015

PCL STUDIO THEATRE | ATB Financial Arts Barns

The Ugly One tells the story of Lette, a brilliant engineer, who is also unspeakably ugly. Even his wife, Fanny, can only bear to glance at his left eye. When Lette is overlooked for a promotion at work and the true extent of his ugliness is revealed to him, he turns to a plastic surgeon for help and quickly learns more than he bargained for about being beautiful.

Kill Your Television is proud to premiere to Edmonton audiences acclaimed German playwright Marius von Mayenburg’s The Ugly One, a scalpel-sharp comedy about image, identity, and social conformity.

Rating: General Audiences | Run Time: 60 minutes